Capacity Building for IFAD’s Project Procurement Investment Portfolio-BUILD PROC

The project’s goal was “Fostering efficient use of public funds and contributing to institutional strengthening, corporate governance and capacity building in public procurement systems through the adoption by Borrowers/Recipients of international public procurement standards to greater development impact and results.”
Moreover, its specific objectives were: “Upgrading the skills or bridge the skills gap of those directly or indirectly involved in procurement to enable them perform their tasks more effectively and efficiently through tailored training. This will enhance performance in public procurement and improve procurement outcomes. This will further contribute to greater development impact and transparency for investment of projects focus on ARD1 and will decrease the overall fiduciary risk of the IFAD portfolio.” The main focus of this external evaluation is to determine the effectiveness of the training programme, as it is presented in Kirkpatrick’s model, level 4 – Results. Notably, it aims to demonstrate and explore if the training provided leads to tangible and measurable operational improvements on the ground, and if yes, what were the conditions for such change to happen. In other words, to identify if changes – positive, negative, intended or unintended, have occurred because of participants attending the BUILDPROC programme, while bringing further clarity on the conditions and mechanisms that supported the obtained outcomes.

Implementation 17/11/2023 -18/02/2024