“Support for capitalization processes led by the working groups ‘Peasant Leaders Training’ and ‘Economic Guidance and Access to Funding for Farmer Organizations’.”

Sepop: a capacity building project for farmer organizations to consolidate services and advocate for actions
The Services and Advocacy Project for Farmer Organizations (SEPOP) is a 5-year project (July 2020-July 2025), primarily funded by AFD, coordinated by AgriCord, with the support of Afdi and Fert. It aims to strengthen the capacities of around forty Agricultural Producer Organizations (APOs) with diverse sizes and levels of structuring in 15 countries (Sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar, Kenya, Latin America). Eight Agri-Agencies (AAs) guide these APOs in a flexible approach, based on the specific needs expressed by these organizations, considering their journeys, contextual realities, and sectors (food crops, horticulture, dairy cattle farming, organic quinoa, coffee, cocoa, etc.).
The approaches take into account cross-cutting issues such as the integration of women and youth, as well as adaptation to climate change (climate change diagnostics and mitigation plans planned for some APOs). The project, operating at both the local and national levels, contributes to demonstrating the importance of organizing sectors to improve the living conditions of APO members (33,000 targeted Family Farming Enterprises (FFEs) as beneficiaries) and to meet the food needs of the target countries.
SEPOP activities primarily contribute to enhancing the skills and knowledge of APO members and leaders to strengthen services to members and the advocacy capacity of APOs (at the local level or as umbrella organizations) to participate in the development of favorable public policies. The main training and support activities cover the following areas:

Services: Strengthening technical and organizational capacities of APOs (strategy, financial, administrative, and commercial management, development of advice, management of collective services tailored to the needs of farmers, etc.).

Advocacy: Strengthening capacities for the development and implementation of public policies (training elected leaders of APOs for issue analysis, participation in the implementation of development programs, or the development of certain aspects of agricultural policies and their operationalization).