Cota initiates and facilitates organizational learning processes for social change actors.

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Our 3 areas of expertise

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Citizenship dynamics
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Project ” Un logement digne pour toutes et tous ! ” – Phase 2 : improvement of housing conditions and citizen mobilization in precarious neighborhoods of Antananarivo (Madagascar)

The Abbé Pierre Foundation (FAP), the Fonenana Mendrika Association (AFM) and the Cota, in conjunction with 8 other structures, form a partnership for the execution of this project, carried out under the contracting authority of the Abbé Pierre Foundation and under the supervision of the AFM.
The project aims to support 900 households in precarious neighborhoods in the 1st and 4th arrondissements of Antananarivo on operations to improve their living environment, and to educate 15,000 people from these neighborhoods, civil society, partner associations and local administrative authorities, to the challenges of decent housing.
The Cota will support the establishment of a three-dimensional monitoring and evaluation system, geared towards change, performance and organizational monitoring, will supervise its animation and ensure its proper functioning. The following activities will be deployed: workshop for the development of the overall monitoring and evaluation framework, workshop for the development of related tools, pearl monitoring for the appropriation of the system, mid-term review and final review.

July 2021 to July 2024

Ingénieurs sans frontières – Impact study of the ECSI project on students and young active engineers (2013 – 2022)

This study aims to analyze in depth the impact of citizenship education actions carried out by ISF between 2013 and 2022. It will be carried out between July 2021 and June 2022.

Cercle des ONGD du Luxembourg – Support for strategic and operational planning

This support has the following objectives:

  • Clarify the orientations of the Cercle’s 2019-2022 multi-year plan (long and medium term results); 
  • Develop an annual operational plan for 2021 that clearly contributes to the revised multi-year plan;
  • Strengthen the consideration of the expectations of Cercle’s members and the recommendations resulting from the external evaluation carried out in 2019 in the multi-year and annual planning. 

January – February 2021 

Fondation Abbé Pierre – Support to strengthen the Malagasy partner AFM

With a view to phase 2 of the “Un logement digne pour tous” project, supported by the Fondation Abbé Pierre and deployed in Madagascar, Cota is supporting the Foundation’s local partner, AFM, on 3 key points:

  • The composition of its operational team and its governance bodies; 
  • The definition of its associative project; 
  • The development of a prospective organizational diagnosis. 

The objective is for the organization to be as strengthened and structured as possible at the start of phase 2 of the project, scheduled for July 2021. 

January to June 2021

Handicap International Luxembourg – Support for the design of an EAD framework agreement

The objective of this mission is to support Handicap International Luxembourg in the strategic reflection on its Framework Agreement for Education for Development (EAD) over the period 2018-2020 and in the formulation of its objectives, results, expectations and activities.

April and May 2017

Territorial governance and public policies
our projects and missions

Transversal capitalization of the experiences of Minigrids projects led by NGOs and private sector actors

In collaboration with ADEME, AFD and FFEM wished to initiate a capitalization process
experiences focusing on experimentation and then scaling up minigrid projects. Scale-oriented and must participate in meeting the challenges posed by this change
scale, the capitalization process has a forward-looking dimension.
This capitalization therefore pursues objectives specific to the actors in terms of learning and
capacity building, sectoral dialogue objectives between actors of nature / role
different to common issues (PO, NGO, PTF) and advocacy and production objectives
change within the broader ecosystem of development policy actors and
energy. The idea is to initiate a lasting community of exchanges between private actors, non-governmental organizations and technical and financial partners.

June 2021 – February 2022

Acodev – Organization of training courses on the management of development cooperation projects

The overall objective of this framework contract in terms of training is to strengthen the skills in identifying, monitoring and evaluating projects of organizations in the development cooperation sector in Belgium.

It also presents three specific objectives:

Promote understanding of fundamental concepts of project cycle management;
Promote the mastery of methodological tools in a “results-based management” type approach;
Strengthen the capacity of organizations to make links between project cycle management, results-based management and theory of change (ToC).

February 2021 to February 2024

Agence française de développement (AFD) – Mid-term evaluation of the social cohesion project in Dori (Burkina-Faso) and support for the formulation of phase 2

This evaluation aims to assess the achievements of the project according to the revised DAC-OECD criteria, to draw qualitative lessons and to support the formulation of the next phase of the project.

February to April 2021

Fiabel, Acodev & NGO Federatie – Training on final external evaluations of a 5-year program for Belgian CSOs and IAs

This training aims to strengthen the skills in managing independent evaluation processes of Belgian CSOs and IAs. It presents the following objectives for the participants: 

  • Master the drafting of TOR of quality evaluations and in accordance with the regulations in force; 
  • Master the stages of launching an evaluation offer and the objective selection of an independent and external evaluator; 
  • Master the methods of monitoring an evaluation conducted by an external evaluator;
  • Know the methods to develop a managerial response and its effective follow-up after an evaluation report. 

January to March 2021

Agence française de développement (AFD) – Kinshasa – Evaluation of the “Financial and Administrative Governance in the DRC” project

This retrospective evaluation aims to draw up a complete assessment of the project and to extract lessons learned.

January to April 2021 

Dynamiques de citoyenneté
nos projets et missions

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