Cota initiates and facilitates organizational learning processes for social change actors.

Our fields of expertise

Planning, monitoring and assessment

Between accountability and learning, the planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes contribute to their continuous improvement. These learning practices enable us to draw concrete lessons from experience, and to understand the processes of change driven and experienced by the organisations we support.


We support organisational and collective processes for capitalising on knowledge, practices and experience. We use specific methods and tools to optimise the learning potential of these processes.

Training and facilitation

We offer methodological training modules designed to enhance the quality and impact of the work of those involved in social change. We also facilitate seminars, colloquia and workshops as part of a collaborative learning approach.

Action research and experimentation

We develop action research on the major issues of interest to those involved in social change. This work is based on methodological experimentation and exchanges between peers, giving rise to publications and tools.

Our methodological expertise covers a wide range of fields and works with organisations involved in a variety of social issues. We are particularly involved in issues relating to citizenship, migration, gender and ecology.

Our thematics

We are also working on issues such as health, education, vocational training, employment, peace and security, social cohesion, governance and the digital transition.

Our recent projects and missions

Monitoring & evaluation

AGRICORD – Support for the capitalization process within the SEPOP project (Services and Advocacy of Farmers’ Organizations)

AGRICORD _ Support for the capitalization process within the SEPOP project (Services and Advocacy of Farmers’ Organizations)
The objectives of this mission are:
• Support and accompany the facilitators of the capitalization process led by the “training of farmer leaders” working groups
• Support and accompany the facilitators of the capitalization process led by the “economic support and access to funding for POs” working groups.

February 2024 to July 2025


Evaluation finale du programme bilatéral Guinée-Belgique 2019-2023

The bilateral cooperation program between the Belgian government and Guinea represents a significant commitment to sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the region. Initiated on December 14, 2018, and scheduled to last for five years until December 13, 2023, the program allocates a substantial budget of 45 million euros to its objectives. The overall goal of the Guinea portfolio is to contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic growth along the Conakry-Kindia-Mamou axis. The decision to focus Belgian support on inclusive and sustainable economic development, human development, and the respect for fundamental human rights aligns with the priorities of the Guinean government.

Six projects are operationalized in a complementary, integrated, and structured manner across three pillars: entrepreneurship, sexual and reproductive rights, and capacity building.

  • Agricultural Entrepreneurship
  • Urban Entrepreneurship
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship
  • Support for entrepreneurship development along the Conakry-Kindia-Mamou – Mont Gangan axis
  • She Decides (Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Rights)
  • Capacita (Project for Training, Studies, and Expertise)

This evaluation will primarily serve the purpose of strategic learning. The insights gained will be valuable in guiding new initiatives and ensuring a smooth transition between the two programs. The themes addressed in the context of the final program evaluation will have a broader scope. They will contribute to strategic learning within Enabel and at the Guinean partner level to improve development practices and cooperation policies. This knowledge can be applied in other contexts and future programs.

Implementation 01/2024 – 03/2024

Monitoring & evaluation

ENABEL – Final review of the Revival of Vocational and Technical Education and Training for Employment (RESET) project in Guinea-Bissau

• Ensure accountability towards the donor, the partner and internal stakeholders, by providing an external assessment of the progress made and the results achieved.
• Support management based on in-depth analyzes of tangible elements and by producing useful and applicable recommendations.
• Contribute to learning, by analyzing the project development process.

February 2024 to April 2024

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