CRID – Evaluation and prospective of the program “Une Seule Planète” (USP)

Une Seule Planète is a Global Citizenship Education program, which aims to strenghten citizens capacities to act on the scale of their livelihood and to get involved in social transformation process, by building and broadcasting collectively informations about the alternatives of transition, and by facilitating debates, discussions, and trainings on their stakes.

This evaluation / prospective of the 2014-2017 phase of the program aims to :

  • Estimate the realization of the activities, identify the most mobilizing ones ;
  • Estimate the coordination of the program and the implication of the actors within it ;
  • Appreciate the integration of USP in its direct environment ;
  • Develop a prospective of court and middle term to contribute to the evolution and to the adaptation of the program.December, 2016 to March, 2017