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Our 3 areas of expertise

Our 3 areas of expertise

Our 2 thematic fields


Monitoring & evaluation

“Final review of the intervention ‘Strengthening the Referral General Hospital St Joseph in Kinshasa for COVID-19 response in the context of a structural health system strengthening approach.’”

Designed in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, the project consisted of two axes: firstly, a focus on the response to COVID-19, with a particular emphasis on case management; secondly, a focus on strengthening the institutional, technical, and organizational capacities of the hospital. One of the innovations planned in this latter framework was the establishment of a subsidized flat-rate pricing system based on the principles developed in various other Enabel projects. As part of the new bilateral portfolio for 2023-2027, the city of Kinshasa has been included as a beneficiary for the “health and social protection” axis. This evaluation is therefore important to guide stakeholders on the interest of including support for St Joseph Hospital in the future portfolio to be managed by Enabel.

The review of the support program for St Joseph Hospital aims to: • Support management. Based on in-depth, evidence-based analyses, useful and applicable recommendations will be produced. • Contribute to learning by analyzing the project development process. • Ensure accountability to the donor, partner, and internal actors by providing an external assessment of progress made and results achieved.”


Facilitation of the capitalisation of the Programme to support WWF France in its contribution to the New Deal for Nature and Mankind in 2020 and its implementation after 2020 (CP Nature 2020)

The objective of the CP Nature 2020 program is to halt the curve of biodiversity erosion by carrying out actions of citizen mobilisation, advocacy and pilot actions for the protection of biodiversity in France, Madagascar, Cameroon and Gabon.

Implementation March 2023 – June 2023


Fondation Chrétiens pour le Sahel – Support for the development of the pluriannual strategy

The main objective of this mission is to support the development of the Foundation’s 2024-2027 pluriannual strategy, through the structuring and animation of a collective and participatory work process that should allows to develop a general logical framework as well as the related narrative.

Implementation period: November 2022 – January 2023

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