Cota initiates and facilitates organizational learning processes for social change actors.

Our 3 areas of expertise

Our 3 areas of expertise

Our 2 thematic fields



Fondation Chrétiens pour le Sahel – Support for the development of the pluriannual strategy

The main objective of this mission is to support the development of the Foundation’s 2024-2027 pluriannual strategy, through the structuring and animation of a collective and participatory work process that should allows to develop a general logical framework as well as the related narrative.

Implementation period: November 2022 – January 2023


Enabel – Final evaluation of the project of support for institution building in the agricultural sector in Benin (ARISA-B)

The specific objective of the ARISA-B project is to facilitate the process of transition and operationalization of the sharing of functions between actors in the context of agricultural sector reforms in Benin. The implementation strategy combines targeted training processes for actors according to a Skills Acquisition Path (CAP) approach, with facilitation intended to support the implementation of skills and consultation and coordination with actors. The function of the journal is to:

  • Support steering;
  • Contribute to learning by analyzing the development process;
  • Ensure accountability to the donor, partner and internal stakeholders by providing an external assessment of the progress made and the results achieved;
  • Analyze the impact and sustainability of the investments made and their potential for sustainability by national partners.

Implementation period: July to November 2022

Monitoring & evaluation

Agence française de développement (AFD) – Support for monitoring and evaluation and transversal and continuous capitalization of projects financed by the “FISONG social, economic and civic reintegration of young school dropouts”

Through FISONG, AFD supports the testing of interventions specifically targeting out-of-school youth. The activation of this instrument allows NGOs to propose new ways of approaching the issue of the integration of these young people, through conceptual, methodological and organizational innovations. The Cota service aims to contribute to:

  • Consolidate the approaches of NGOs by strengthening the methodological tools for project management and efficiency;
  • Support their anchoring in the local ecosystem by facilitating reflexivity on the conditions of sustainability and institutional articulation;
  • Facilitate intersectoral dialogue between NGOs and AFD;
  • Bring out useful lessons for the strategic and programmatic reflections of stakeholders.

Implementation period: September to July 2024

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