French development agency (AFD) – Mid-Term Retrospective Evaluation of the Health Sector Support Project in Chad (PASST 1 and 2)

This mid-term evaluation is part of a specific context. It is a question of a double assessment (ex-post and mid-term) of two projects (two financing agreements) but which support the same specific objectives. This dual evaluation therefore seeks mainly to consolidate the management and implementation of the PASST 2 and to strengthen the sustainability of the results of PASST 1 and 2 after the end of this cycle of projects. This evaluation is carried out jointly by the Cota and an AFD evaluation officer. The evaluation work is based on a three-step approach: 

  • Structuring the evaluation process;
  • Conducting the evaluation analysis;
  • Presenting the conclusions of the work.

The specificity of this evaluation lies in the methodology used (realistic evaluation, first of all on the analysis of the context and then on the place occupied by the project in this one). 

December 2018 to April 2019