Support for the process of reviewing the methodology applied to grant requests in terms of awareness-raising and development education in Luxembourg

The main objective of this service is to support the Department of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action of the MAEE in the process of identifying and defining a revised methodology, oriented towards impact measurement and more adapted to the work carried out by Luxembourg NGDOs in terms of awareness-raising and development education.
To achieve this objective, the expected results are as follows:
• An inventory of existing and relevant tools for impact measurement in SENS/ED is carried out.
• Convincing findings for the methodological revision are identified, through bilateral and collective consultation with NGDOs.
• The main operational challenges to improve the efficiency, impact and coherence of the work in SENS/ED of Luxembourg Cooperation are identified.
• A revised methodology and tool, approved by NGDOs, to optimize planning, monitoring-evaluation and impact measurement in SENS/ED are formalized.
• An impact measurement study is carried out with a sample of NGDOs. This exercise will support the methodological revision on existing practices and content.

Implementation 14/06/2023 – 31/03/2024