UNMFREO – Study of the effects and impact of MFR training systems on the socio-professional integration trajectories of young and adults trained in MFR in 9 countries in West and Central Africa and in the Indian Ocean

After the implementation of 3 program agreements over a period of more than ten years, UNMFREO wishes to demonstrate that the training systems of MFRs contribute to the socio-professional integration of young people, and thus analyze the levers and obstacles to this integration. .

The objectives of this effects and impact study are therefore to:

  • Allow unions to have data to better understand the monitoring and support of MFRs and make the necessary changes concerning the socio-professional integration of rural youth;
  • Feed the advocacy of MFRs and unions with data that can be communicated and valued with institutional, technical or financial partners;
  • Make the results available to FAR network facilitation spaces, as well as to AFD’s sectoral divisions, to foster reflection on socio-professional integration in rural areas and alternative vocational training models.

June 2020 to June 2021