Final evaluation of the north component (Global citizenship education) of the Uni4Coop program

Four university NGOs (Eclosio, FUCID, Louvain Coopération and ULB Coopération) created the Uni4Coop consortium, as part of the grant application to the DGD for the years 2017 to 2021. These NGOs are jointly pursuing four specific objectives relating to global citizenship education as part of a common program:

  • The university community and the citizens around the campuses learn about global issues, discuss them around them and gradually integrate their new convictions into their daily lives.
  • Students and educational agents critically, systemically and interdependently integrate CMS issues and themes into the curriculum, taking into account in particular knowledge and skills from the South.
  • Relay actors make their reading, understanding and vision of CMS-related issues more complex and raise awareness of CMS themes among their audiences.
  • Belgian institutional decision-makers are changing the legal framework and the main political orientations in favor of sustainable and equitable development, with respect for human rights, taking into account gender issues and the environment.

The final evaluation concerns the analysis of the North section of the Uni4Coop joint program in its entirety (2017-2021), its strategies and its 4 specific objectives, with regard to the CAD criteria.

December 2021 to May 2022