Agence française de développement (AFD) – Support for monitoring and evaluation and transversal and continuous capitalization of projects financed by the “FISONG social, economic and civic reintegration of young school dropouts”

Through FISONG, AFD supports the testing of interventions specifically targeting out-of-school youth. The activation of this instrument allows NGOs to propose new ways of approaching the issue of the integration of these young people, through conceptual, methodological and organizational innovations. The Cota service aims to contribute to:

  • Consolidate the approaches of NGOs by strengthening the methodological tools for project management and efficiency;
  • Support their anchoring in the local ecosystem by facilitating reflexivity on the conditions of sustainability and institutional articulation;
  • Facilitate intersectoral dialogue between NGOs and AFD;
  • Bring out useful lessons for the strategic and programmatic reflections of stakeholders.

Implementation period: September to July 2024