Final review of the interventionPAGIE – Project to support economic interest groups for the development of the phoeniccultural sector in Moroccan oasese

The PAGIE aims to promote the phoenicicole sector of different oases in Morocco via the aggregation of family producers (women and men) by professionalized GIEs, allowing them to penetrate the market with quality products and competitive capacity. Four main outcomes underpin this objective, namely:
• Valorization units managed by GIEs can count on a sustainable supply of quality dates based on aggregation models which improve the structuring, supervision and training of phoeniciculturists.
• Valorization units are operational, marketing increasing volumes and penetrating competitive markets.
• An effective and sustainable model of coordination, support and advisory support for the date value chain is operational.
• The development of professions and service organizations allows a growing role for women and young people in the date value chain

Implementation 12/10/2023 – 25/12/2023