Mid-term review of the interventionSupport for citizen participation in Morocco, component 2: “strengthening the participation of civil society in the development, monitoring and evaluation of local public policies

The “Support for Citizen Participation in Morocco” program funded by the European Union (EU) aims on the one hand to strengthen the capacities of civil society, and on the other hand to support the country’s efforts in promoting participatory democracy. This concept of participatory democracy is mainly realized through the active engagement of civil society organizations (CSOs) as well as citizens themselves in the process of developing, monitoring and evaluating public policies, whether either at the central, regional or local level.
The general objective of the program “Support for Citizen Participation in Morocco” aims to “develop a critical mass of citizen participation in the 5 targeted regions, to strengthen local governance through transparency, the legitimacy of the social pact and the public action, as well as the quality of the services provided.

Implementation 02/11/2023 – 31/01/2024