Our position in the current health context

In the changed context that we have been experiencing since March 2020, Cota is committed to maintaining a constant level of quality in its services.

Our mission to support and accompany the actors of social change in Belgium, in neighboring countries and elsewhere in the world, remains essential in this complex period.

Aware of our social and health responsibilities, we are adapting our activities to the pandemic and its consequences. Thus, the Cota team :

Is organized in such a way as to use remote working methods as much as possible;
Strictly complies with the directives of the Belgian authorities and the successive measures they announce;
Requests its external consultants to comply strictly with the measures laid down by the authorities of the countries in which they are called upon to intervene on behalf of Cota;
Requests its external consultants to apply barrier measures, health protection measures and social distancing measures, when the national measures of the countries where our missions take place allow for “physical” interventions, and applies them itself when it is called upon to intervene directly.

More broadly, we urge all those working on behalf of Cota to respect these principles and to behave in a manner appropriate to the current context. We consider that a balance must be constantly sought by all those who contribute to the implementation of our missions, between the necessary execution of the mission and the respect of a principle of health and citizen responsibility.

When a mission cannot be carried out in the field, we undertake to seek a solution with the client, involving, if necessary, a national consultant, remote work or, as a last resort, a postponement of the mission, while respecting the general interest and that of the stakeholders.