VIA DON BOSCO – Mid-term Evaluation of the DGD Program 2022-2026 “Skilling the World”

In partnership with Humanya, the objective is to conduct the mid-term evaluation of the DGD 2022-2026 “Skilling the World” program by Via Don Bosco. This program aims to provide quality education and training as well as support for vulnerable youth in 13 countries, with an additional component of ECMS in Belgium.

The objectives of the mission are:

• Ensure accountability to the donor, partner, and internal stakeholders by providing an external assessment of the progress made and results achieved.
• Support management based on in-depth analyses of tangible elements and by producing useful and applicable recommendations for the continuation of the intervention.
• Contribute to learning by analyzing the project’s development process.

March 2024 to January 2025