Fondation Chrétiens pour le Sahel – Support for the development of the pluriannual strategy

The main objective of this mission is to support the development of the Foundation’s 2024-2027 pluriannual strategy, through the structuring and animation of a collective and participatory work process that should allows to develop a general logical framework as well as the related narrative.

Implementation period: November 2022 – January 2023


Uni4Coop – Facilitation of a cycle of strategic and organizational reflection workshops

This support mission aimed to continue the evaluation carried out by Cota with the Uni4Coop consortium in 2022, relating to the GCE component of its DGD 2017 – 2021 program, by deepening the reflection on the major strategic and organizational issues evidenced by the conclusions and recommendations.

Implementation period: May to September 2022


Support for 4-year strategic planning

The proposed support consists of several stages:

  • Facilitation of a workshop to structure the objectives and results expected in the medium term;
  • Facilitation of an operationalization workshop;
  • Support for the drafting of the 2023 – 2026 program of activities.

June to November 2022


Agence française de développement (AFD) – Framework agreement for assistance services to AFD organizations and project teams in the context of the preparation and start-up of financing operations

This service is part of lot 1: “Special support for MOAs through the preparation and facilitation of participatory workshops aimed at capacity building”. The period covered by this framework agreement extends from May 2021 to April 2023.

Missions carried out:


  • Feasibility study for a domestic revenue mobilization support project in The Gambia
  • Support for the establishment of performance bonuses for the ProGouv project and ownership of the related technical assistance mechanism – Djibouti


  • Methodological support for the multi-actor process of construction and dialogue around the adaptive social protection program in the Yaque Del Sur river basin – Dominican Republic
  • Animation of a process of co – construction of the support project for the urban community of Antananarivo – Madagascar


Cercle des ONGD du Luxembourg – Support for strategic and operational planning

This support has the following objectives:

  • Clarify the orientations of the Cercle’s 2019-2022 multi-year plan (long and medium term results); 
  • Develop an annual operational plan for 2021 that clearly contributes to the revised multi-year plan;
  • Strengthen the consideration of the expectations of Cercle’s members and the recommendations resulting from the external evaluation carried out in 2019 in the multi-year and annual planning. 

January – February 2021 


Handicap International Luxembourg – Support for the design of an EAD framework agreement

The objective of this mission is to support Handicap International Luxembourg in the strategic reflection on its Framework Agreement for Education for Development (EAD) over the period 2018-2020 and in the formulation of its objectives, results, expectations and activities.

April and May 2017


Geomoun – Support for the development of the 2022 – 2026 DGD program

This support aims in particular to:

  • Ensure proper use of the required planning tools (logical framework, theory of change);
  • Ensure good consistency in the proposed interventions;
  • Structure an effective monitoring and evaluation system for the upcoming project.

November 2020 to April 2021


IECD – Support for the operationalization of the gender approach – Access to employment program in Ivory Coast

The general objective of this support is to ensure that the overall organization of projects in Ivory Coast allows equal access for girls and young men to the activities offered by the IECD, and that all projects allow accompanied persons, boys or girls, to become responsible actors and actresses in their country to build a better future and contribute to a more just society.

The specific objectives of this support are :

  • Carry out a gender assessment at the level of IECD’s interventions in Ivory Coast (on the theme of access to employment) ;
  • Identify elements of perspective to improve the operationalization of gender in the functioning of the IECD in Ivory Coast.

September 2019 to March 2020


WWF-Belgium – Partnerships strategy and guidelines in conservation

This mission aims to support WWF-BE in clarifying and developing a strategy for managing partnerships of project managers, in particular with strategic partners.

  • The support also aims at obtaining :
  • A vision of the known and shared WWF-BE partnership management ;
  • A cross-perception diagnosis between WWF-BE and its main partnerships ;
  • A defined partnership management strategy, by type of partners and programs.

May to December 2019


GIZ Cameroon – Organization of a study mission to Belgium for a Cameroonian delegation of the National Office of Civil Status in Cameroon

This support is intended to facilitate the conduct of the study mission ; it is an essentially relational and logistical support.

October 2019


Municipality of Schaerbeek – Support for the realization of a materiality study

This mission has three main objectives: 

  • To make the link between the local public action and the Sustainable Development Objective (SDG) ;
  • To appreciate the contribution of the municipality of Schaerbeek to the achievement of the SDGs ;
  • To strengthen the transversality of the communal action.

April to December 2019


Actiris – Accompaniment to the operationalization of the new strategic plan of international relations

This mission consists in supporting Actiris’ International Relations Unit (IRC) in the operationalization and achievement of the objectives set by the new strategic plan for international relations, using innovative methods and tools. It has four objectives: 

  • Support the international relations unit in the creation of a structure and internal tools allowing better synergies in international issues;
  • Support the implementation of innovative capitalization tools of international good practices, in order to to encourage the various Actiris management teams to systematically use international benchmarking in their innovation processes;
  • Support the creation, in consultation with other Belgian public employment services such as the VDAB and FOREM, of a “pool of ‘mutualised experts’ responsible for providing expertise in international technical cooperation projects in the employment sector;
  • Support the establishment of a monitoring and evaluation system, adapted to the specific obligations of the ICC vis-à-vis the international networks in which it is active and in particular vis-à-vis the backers.

June to December 2018


Plateforme des ONG pour la Palestine – Support for the definition of a solidarity with the Palestinian people education strategy

This mission has three objectives:

  • Map the citizenship education practices of platform members ;
  • Propose scenarios of development of solidarity education with the Palestinian people ;
  • Develop a strategy and an action plan.

March to November 2018


CRID – Support for redefining a political project

The objective of this mission is to support the CRID in the redefinition of its political project by :

  • Implementing a large consultation of his members and close organizations ;
  • Processing the datas collected ;
  • Organizing a participative debate during the annual general assembly ;
  • Formulating key elements for a new political vision. 

April to June, 2017