Experimentation & knowledge

Experimentation & knowledge

F3E – Support for the Community of Practice “Knowledge Governance”

The service consists of producing 4 teaser clips following each session of the “Knowledge Governance” Community of Practice, which will be facilitated by F3E with the support of an external consultant. Technical fact sheets summarizing the various learning elements from each meeting will also be produced by Cota.

March 2024 to March 2025

Experimentation & knowledge

F3E – External support and capitalization of methodological experience – L’atelier du changement social 2

External support aims to:

  • Strengthen the F3E team dedicated to experiments and the organization of workshops dedicated to young people in terms of methodological expertise via integrated support;
  • Propose an external point of view on methodological issues and enrich the perspectives of the F3E, in particular to “identify the common” between the 10 experiments;
  • Propose methodological supports throughout the experimentation process (experimentation course, workshops, tools, etc.) and youth workshops;
  • Co-facilitate and co-produce capitalization with the F3E team and offer capitalization products that will be improved with the help of the F3E team.

June 2022 to December 2024