Expertise France – Transversal evaluation of Canal 2 projects

The objective of this mission is to conduct a final evaluation of five projects related to the strengthening of civil society and to capitalize in a transversal way on this theme. Concerning the final evaluation of each project, 3 specific objectives are defined :

  • Accountability : analyze and evaluate the results of each project on the basis of the traditional evaluation criteria. The analysis will also be carried out on the intervention strategy (in particular to assess the management and organizational capacities of the project leader and its partners) ;
  • Learning : each project will be in-depth analysed under the theme of strengthening civil society regarding the Global Fund (approaches to strengthen civil society, strengthen links between civil society and Global Fund / National Authorities / other actors, etc.) ;
  • Valuation : this will evaluate the impact of each project on Global Fund grants in order to enhance the contribution of the 5% initiative.

In terms of capitalization, the aim is to draw general learning about methodology, impact (in the field of public health in the South countries), innovation and best practices (which can be disseminated to actors concerned by the theme).

April 2017 to June 2018