Le partenariat – Final Evaluation of PAER (Renewable Energy Access Program) – Saint Louis, Senegal

This evaluation aims to :

  • Analyze the methods used, assess the approach, practices and intervention logic of the program and question its overall consistency with regard to sectoral policies on the energy issue in Senegal ;
  • Carry out a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the activities carried out during the period concerned by the evaluation, making it possible to measure the level of achievement, the relevance and the efficiency of the actions with regard to the funding provided ;
  • Taking into account developments, check the adequacy between the initial objectives of the program, the needs previously identified and the level of achievement of the results and impacts actually obtained ;
  • Result in the formulation of clear recommendations on the reflections and future strategies to be adopted by the NGO in order to optimize the activities and functioning of the PAER, with a view to the development of a second intervention phase over three years including a strategy of consolidation and increased ownership of the program by local partners.

November 2019 to April 2020