SPF public health – Support for integration of climate change in the planning and budgeting of the agricultural and forest policies in Ivory Coast

The general objective of this support mission is to contribute to a better integration of the climatic stakes in Policies, Plan, Program ( PPP) of these sectors, in a double optics of mitigation and adaptation, it with a taking into consideration of the biodiversity and the ecosystematic services.

The intervention aims more specifically at a capacity building institutional, in terms of skills and in terms of tools for the integration of the concerns bound to the climate, to the biodiversity and to the ecosystematic services in the design, the budgeting and the implementation of the agricultural and forest PPP.

This objective will be reached through three expected results and Ivory Coast will have, at the end of the support :

A methodological guide and a frame of indicators ;
A training program and related tools ;
A staff with strengthened skills at both the central level and the level of three local authorities.

November, 2017 – October, 2019